Portfolio Categories: Exhibition.

Katrina Sandbach, School of Humanities and Communication Arts, Monica McMahon, WSU Art Curator

Project summary:
Studies show that Western Sydney is considered by many people living outside of the region as a dangerous place populated with people who are coarse, uneducated, and culturally bereft. This is largely due to the ‘Westie’ label, and other media representations that focus on negative images of the west, constructed and disseminated by people who have never even set foot in the area.

As insiders, fourth year design students working at Western Sydney University’s Rabbit Hole teaching studio were asked to consider what they have to say about their home turf, and design an exhibition poster that encouraged the viewer to explore different aspects of Western Sydney. The exhibition was held at the University Gallery and then again as part of the Parramatta Lanes Festival the same year.

Poster design, exhibition